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Technical data

Here we present more technical details about LimSee3.

Open-source licensing
LimSee3 is an open-source project in Java. LimSee3 is released under the CeCILL license (GPL-compatible) as a whole, and our contribution (i.e. the code without third-party libraries) under CeCILL-B (a Creative Commons BY-like).
The LimSee3 application is distributed by the means of an interactive installer. The procedure is described here.

The source code is available for anonymous check-out at our Subversion repository.

Document model
LimSee3 document model has reached its version 1.0 and is published together with its DTD.
Application architecture
From the user point of view, the whole application is organized into three major layers:
  • the innermost layer is formed by the LimSee3 document model - this layer cannot be manipulated directly by users; it is used for internal representation of documents and can be exported into some rendering format (SMIL, XHTML+??,...)
  • the document model is embedded into the core platform that makes it possible to edit very finely document properties through a (rather complex) graphical interface - only experienced users need to access this layer
  • the third layer is for most users - it provides a simplified GUI which adapts in a more or less automated way to some document template and thus guides the user through the authoring process; in fact, there could be as many third-level GUIs as document templates, so that LimSee3 becomes a family of specialized editors based on a common core platform
Taking part on the development
For now, LimSee3 is developed as an internal project at INRIA. However, should you be interested in participating on its development, please contact Jan <dot> Mikac <at> inria <dot> fr.
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