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The most recent version of LimSee3 is 2.1, including the SMIL Timesheet scheduler v1.0.


LimSee3 is written in Java. This means that for running the application, a Java virtual machine (version 1.5 or later) has to be installed on your system. On most systems, this is already the case; if not, a Java Runtime Environment can be obtained from Sun.
Export formats
LimSee3 produces presentations in SMIL and in XHTML+Timesheets. Vieweing the former is possible in a SMIL player (RealPlayer, Ambulant Player), the latter need the Firefox or Chrome web browser with the VLC plug-in.

The way to install or update LimSee3 is described in our on-line tutorial. Refer to it for more details.

Installing LimSee3

There are two ways to install LimSee3 on your computer:


Version 2.0

This version comes with a complete panel of authoring features:

  • Documents can be derived from three models, Slideshow, Lesson and Annotated audio. Each model comes with specific authoring tools, based on the model semantics.
  • General editing was greatly improved, namely for the space dimension: you can view the document under construction in several modes, from presentation-like rendering to authoring-friendly view. Space manipulations (moving, resizing, fitting) become easy to do.
  • Documents can be exported to SMIL ad to XHTML+Timesheets. They can be easily exchanged (including all necessary resources) thanks to the new packing/unpacking feature. LimSee3 also implements publishing on Palette repositories.

The off-line installer for version 2.0 is available at https://gforge.inria.fr/frs/download.php/12339/limsee3-install.jar.

The on-line installer can be launched from http://limsee3.gforge.inria.fr/install/installer.jnlp.

Version 1.0

This is the first stable version considered as complete with respect to basic authoring functions. Version 1.0 makes previous releases obsolete.


Shapshots or quick releases are intended to make users benefit from the latest development progress. They can be viewed as updates of an existing "big" release.

Version 2.1
This version is the last official release in the context of the Palette project. Version 2.1 provides the following enhancements to v2.0:
  • Quicker image displaying and refreshing: a noticeable speed-up can be observed namely on resizing/hiding authoring tools.
  • The timeline tool has now a default zoom level which allows to fit the whole timeline into the current window.
  • Drag&drop of media files now works better under Windows: one can drag an image directly from Explorer to LimSee3.
  • A link to a new LimSee3 tutorial written at the Liège University was added to the Help menu.

The off-line installer for version 2.1 is available at https://gforge.inria.fr/frs/download.php/22191/limsee3-install_v2_1.jar.

The on-line installer can be launched from http://limsee3.gforge.inria.fr/install/installer.jnlp.

SMIL Timesheet scheduler

Since version 1.4.9, LimSee3 contains a JavaScript library for interpreting SMIL Timesheets embedded in XHTML documents. This library can be seen as a stand-alone product and is further presented in the Timesheets section.