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6th May 2009
The v2.1 snapshot was released.
12th December 2008
The version 2.0 was released.
19th September 2008
The v1.4.9 snapshot was released. It contains namely an enhanced export procedure to XHTML.
31st July 2008
The v1.3 snapshot was released.
4th June 2008
The v1.1.7 snapshot was released.
15th March 2008
The v1.0.5 snapshot was released with a brand new French localization.
10th March 2008
The LimSee3 web site has been relooked and translated to french.
26th February 2008
The version 1.0 of LimSee3 is out!
13th December 2007
A new quick release (v0.7.1) is out. And this time, an automated installation procedure is included.
30th November 2007
A new release (v0.7) is out. Currently, it is still delivered as one executable archive; within a few days, we will provide an automated installation procedure.
5th April 2007
The first release of LimSee3 (v0.5) is ready. See in our new "Software" section to find out how to obtain, install and run it.
23rd February 2007
For french-speaking readers: un fil de discussion autour de LimSee3 se déroule sur le forum de la communauté ePrep (utilisateurs de TICE en classes prépa).