LimSee3 Help - On Media Libraries

Overview of library commands

The previous sections present almost all library commands. Let us give here an overview for those and a quick explanation of the remaining ones.

Toolbar commands

Icon Command Description See
Import button

Import asset(s)

Opens the import window which lets you select the media assets to import to the library.

section 2.3 c)
Delete button Remove asset(s) After confirmation, removes the selected assets from the library. end of section 2.3 c)
Copy button Copy asset(s) Copies the selected asset(s) to the clipboard. sections 2.1 and 2.3 a), b)
Paste button Paste asset(s) Pastes asset(s) from the clipboard to the library. section 2.3 a)
List view button List view Switches the library to the list view (compact, few details) section 2.2 a)
Detailed view button Detailed view Switches the library to the detailed view section 2.2 a)
Snapshot view button Snapshot view Switches the library to the snapshot view section 2.2 a)

Menu commands

The following actions can be initiated from the LimSee3 File menu.

New library
Allows you to create a new, empty library. At the beginning, you will be prompted for a library name, which is mandatory and which will appear as the title of the library ever after. If no name is given, the creation procedure aborts.
Open media library
Lets you open an existing media library. Libraries are stored in files with the xll extension.
Close library
Closes the last active (or the currently active) library. You will be asked if you want to save the library prior to its closing, if it could be in an unsaved state.
Save library
Saves the last active (or the currently active) library. If there is no file attached to the library (you have just created it), you will be prompted to choose a file.

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