LimSee3 Help - On Media Libraries

In this document, we deal with media libraries in LimSee3. We present them in four chapters:

  1. Quick overview: What is a media library?
  2. Using a media library
    1. Copying medias between a library and a document
      1. The contextual menu
      2. The library tool bar
      3. The drag and drop gesture
    2. Reading media information
      1. Library views
      2. Location tool
    3. Managing medias in a library
      1. General copy and paste
      2. Multiselection
      3. Importing and deleting media assets
  3. Underlying concepts
    1. Media file referencing
    2. Relative addressing
    3. Library file format
  4. Overview of library commands
    1. Toolbar commands
    2. Menu commands

Status of the document: last changed on 11th February 2008. Copyright INRIA. Created by Jan Mikáč