LimSee3 Help - Maintaining LimSee3

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Running LimSee3

In this section,

  1. we describe the structure of the LimSee3 installation
  2. and we explain how to run LimSee3 on your computer, depending on your using
    1. Windows
    2. Linux
    3. Mac OS

Installed elements

The previously described installation process creates a limsee3 folder on your computer. This folder contains several elements:

Installation directory listing
Fig. 1 - Installation directory listing
The folders classes, lib, resources
These directories contain objects necessary for LimSee3 execution.

You should not modify (or delete!) their contents, since it would most probably corrupt the whole application.

The install folder
Contains information about the currently installed version of LimSee3. It is necessary for the updating/upgrading process.
The documents folder
Here you can put the documents created with LimSee3. However, it is not a requirement: you can put your documents anywhere you like.
Several executable files
There are several executable files: 4 for Windows (with the .bat extension) and 4 for Linux (the .sh) and 3 for Mac OS (the .jar). You should be able to launch an action by double-clicking on the corresponding file.
Starts LimSee3. (see next section for details)
Starts the updater.
Uninstalls LimSee3.
A set of common functions used by the other files.
Does nothing by itself.

How to launch LimSee3

The limsee3 folder where LimSee3 is installed contains several executable files. Generally speaking, you can run LimSee3 by double-clicking one of the files whose name starts with limsee3.... The exact file to use depends on your platform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS).

Windows users

Use the limsee3.bat file. It is a Windows batch executable, so double-clicking on it opens a console window. Inside that window, the batch file is executed and, as a result of the execution, LimSee3 starts up.

Launching LimSee3 on Windows
Fig. 2 - Launching LimSee3 on Windows

The console window will stay open as long as LimSee3 runs (though you can minimize it) and will close when you quit LimSee3.

Several windows on Windows
Fig. 3 - Running on Windows: console and application windows

Make a shortcut to limsee3.bat on your desktop: you will be able to run LimSee3 by clicking on the shortcut icon.

Linux users

Use the file. It is a shell-script executable, so double-clicking on it most probably runs the script or gives you the possibility to run it. It does not matter if you execute the script in a terminal or not.

Launching LimSee3 on Linux
Fig. 4 - Launching LimSee3 on Linux

Linux executable prompt
Fig. 5 - Linux prompt for shell-executable file

You can also run LimSee3 form the command line: in the limsee3 directory, type: ./ &

Mac OS users

Just double-click on the limsee3-macos.jar file: it will launch LimSee3.

Mac OS launcher
Fig. 6 - Mac OS launcher

Status of the document: last changed on 25th February 2008. Copyright INRIA. Created by Jan Mikáč