LimSee3 Help - Maintaining LimSee3

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The uninstaller

You can uninstall LimSee3 in two ways: either you simply delete the limsee3 folder (after saving your documents elsewhere) or you can use the provided uninstaller tool.

  1. How to run the uninstaller
  2. Confirmation
  3. End of uninstaller

Running the uninstaller

You can launch the uninstaller by double-clicking on one of the uninstall command in your limsee3 folder. The exact file to use depends on your platform:

double-click on uninstall.bat
double-click on
Mac OS
double-click on uninstall-macos.jar
Windows uninstaller
Fig. 1 - Windows uninstaller

Linux uninstaller
Fig. 2 - Linux uninstaller

Mac OS uninstaller
Fig. 3 - Mac OS uninstaller


The uninstaller starts with prompting you to confirm whether you want to uninstall LimSee3. At this stage, it is safe to Cancel the process: no modification will be performed. On the other hand, if you choose Uninstall, LimSee3 will be definitively removed.

You can choose to remove / not to remove your user documents. The default choice is not to remove them, which means that the documents sub-folder of your limsee3 directory will be left untouched.

Fig. 4 - Confirmation of deletion

End of uninstallation

After you confirm the uninstallation, LimSee3 files are removed from your computer.

Fig. 5 - Uninstallation completed

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