LimSee3 Help - Maintaining LimSee3

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Starting with version 0.7, LimSee3 proposes a web-based automated installation and update procedure. The key benefits are easiness of use (only a few simple interactions are required from the user) and network traffic minimization (when updated, LimSee3 downloads only the modified components). It is also easier to run LimSee3 and even to remove it from your computer, should you wish to.

IMPORTANT - Prerequisites

LimSee3 is a Java program. This means that for running the application, a Java virtual machine (version 1.5 or later) has to be installed on your system. On most systems, this is already the case (for example on Mac OS and on most Windows distributions); if not, a Java Runtime Environment can be obtained from Sun.

Installing and updating of LimSee3 rely on web-based tools and resources. Therefore, a connection to the Internet is necessary when installing/updating.

Status of the document: last changed on 15th February 2008. Copyright INRIA. Created by Jan Mikßč