LimSee3 Help - Maintaining LimSee3

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In this document, we explain how to maintain your LimSee3 installation:

  1. Overview

    and an important notice on prerequisites

  2. Installing LimSee3
    1. Launching the installer
    2. Selecting a language
    3. Selecting a folder
    4. Automated pre-installation
    5. Selecting a version
    6. Automated installation
    7. End
  3. Running LimSee3
    1. Installation structure
    2. How to launch LimSee3
      1. on Windows
      2. on Linux
      3. on Mac OS
  4. Updating LimSee3
  5. Removing LimSee3
    1. how to run the uninstaller
    2. required confirmation
    3. end of uninstallation process

Status of the document: last changed on 25th February 2008. Copyright INRIA. Created by Jan Mikßč