LimSee3 is a multimedia authoring tool that proposes simple and efficient document editing through extensive use of models (also called templates or patterns) and an adaptive user interface.

Multimedia Documents

We encounter multimedia documents in our everyday life. They all present several typical properties:

The above points list some good reasons why multimedia documents are so popular with the users, to whom they provide diversified and customizable content, and on the other hand these points give a glance at the difficulties multimedia authors have to face, due to the intrinsic complexity of the documents.

Existing Authoring Approaches

Existing multimedia authoring tools can be fitted into two general categories, accordingly to how they interact with the user.

And What About LimSee3 ?

LimSee3 as a multimedia document authoring tool aims at going beyond existing approaches in order to adapt to a large class of users. Among its most interesting properties, we can find:

1 Among the general tools, we can cite: Macromedia Director, Adobe Production Studio and LimSee2.

2 For instance Microsoft Producer is an add-on for PowerPoint which makes it possible to capture video and audio sequences and to insert them into a classical presentation, while synchronizing all the elements.

3 As an example, ACDSee is a photo album management tool. It provides also an exporting feature that creates a Flash slide-show containing selected pictures and playing some background music, all this in a few clicks. However, it remains impossible to make it play several audio files in a sequence: ACDSee imposes the background music be in a single file.

4 SMIL is a W3C recommendation, see